We are an organization of Italophiles who love and celebrate the rich, cultural heritage of Italy in all of its aspects, for personal enjoyment and enrichment.

In the field of education, culture is defined in terms of “big C” such as literature, music, art etc., and “little c” comprised of values, beliefs, and behavior.

ICS President

Michael Ranieri

The picture of culture is not complete if it only focuses on its most visible aspects. Our events include lectures on Italian art, Italian literature, Italian music, and Italian history; Italian-themed concerts and Italian films. In addition, we offer a variety of Italian language classes taught by highly trained native speakers.  We also feature a program of special-interest, smaller groups called Amicizia with Book Discussions and Travel Forums. Our events, big or small, take place in a typically warm Italian atmosphere where friendships are born and nourished as Italian values and memories are relived and shared. Viva l’amicizia! Chi trova un amico trova un tesoro! He who finds a friend finds a treasure, says an Italian proverb.

Our 2024-2025 Season has been finalized. As in past summers, we will be holding monthly dinners from May to September, so that our members who are in Naples can stay connected.  The rest of our events starting in October, feature 6 luncheons with lectures by expert speakers on specific cultural topics, 1 musical event followed by a reception and a Christmas dinner. All the events will be detailed on the website and in Amici, our newsletter. A special effort is always made at our events to celebrate and keep alive la nostra bella lingua.

The forthcoming programs will present as in the past, a season of informative and entertaining events. We now look to the future with gratitude towards our Founders and earlier members who had the vision to create such a wonderful Society, enriching not only the life of our members, but of the Naples community as well. Join us!

I look forward to personally welcoming you at our events.

A presto.

Michael J. Ranieri


3200 Bailey Lane, Suite 199, Naples, FL 34105 - Phone: (239) 434-3323 - ics.naples@gmail.com

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